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The Project Development committee designs, develops, and delivers event programs that aim to reduce the stigma surrounding youth mental health through community engagement, technology, and policy development. One major role that Project Development plays within YMHA involves working closely with students from YMHA Mental Health Network "hubs" in schools across Canada to support the planning and hosting of events. Project Managers and Developers of the committee network with external organizations and collaborate with other YMHA committees to offer unique and rewarding experiences that inspire further conversations about mental health. 


The Mental Health Network (MHN) committee helps to bring our communities of youth together. MHN works with enthusiastic youth to set up mental health "hubs" in high schools and universities all over Canada. In doing so, they aim to build a network of youth hubs that will interact with each other and work with the platforms we provide to raise awareness for mental health in their communities, and support youth innovation in mental health. The MHN committee works hard to reach out to and engage with the youth that this organization serves.


The External Relations committee plays an integral part in YMHA’s branding, marketing, and networking strategies - they direct and oversee external relationships with individuals and organizations. External Relations also works to provide YMHA with financial support through applying for grants, acquiring sponsorships, and executing fundraisers. Funds gathered from these efforts are put towards other organization initiatives such as our annual mental health conference. Fundraising events also serve to further spread awareness about mental health throughout our community. Previous events include our "Stretch Your Mind" yoga and pet visitation sessions, and Krispy Kreme fundraiser sales.


Our world is full of digital media, and an increasingly significant portion of our time is spent interacting with these media. What better way to destigmatize mental health in innovative ways than by creating an open space in which artists can freely create media to address the mental health conversation? The Media committee is a group of hardworking, creative individuals working to showcase mental health in unique and humanized ways. Through a symbiotic relationship, YMHA hopes to support aspiring artists in order to push the envelope in finding new ways through which we can more effectively engage our communities in destigmatizing mental illness. 

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