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Our Projects

Project Inquire Final.jpg

Inquire works with students from Mental Health Awareness high school clubs to plan and host events that raise awareness for mental health by featuring organizations, speakers, interactive booths, and many more. The Health Fairs Program offers to tailor the package of organization and speaker contacts in order to fully address the needs of the students in each school.

Project Interact Final.jpg

Interact connects organizations like BC Pets and Friends with Mental Health Awareness high school clubs to provide fun and interactive sessions. The goal of the program is to offer support and the opportunity to de-stress with puppies.

Project Integrate Final.jpg

Integrate is based on the belief that mental health wellbeing should be acknowledged at a young age. The Program offers activities and resources to the community and elementary school students to advocate and raise awareness for wellbeing, amongst young children and their families.

Project Intersect Final.jpg

Intersect aims to bring mental health advocates from the community together for a causal social gathering. Typically over a meal, participants engage in empowering mental health-related discussions and activities.

Project Innovate Final.jpg

Innovate focuses on the engagement of technology, big data, and policy development concepts in the context of YMHA’s work. The core event at the heart of Project Innovate is set to be a innovation fair that will bring together ‘hackers’ of high school and university age from each of the aforementioned fields of interest in order to develop mentorships for the high school youth and to explore possible solutions to various problems facing the mental health sector.

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